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Todmorden Console Table By Mercer41 

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October 15, 2019


This sectional is SO comfortable! By far the nicest piece of furniture I've ever owned. I drifted off about it following we've got it assembled! Very happy with Wayfair's customer support and the delivery process was super smooth....Read More

October 15, 2019


As many of the reviews say, this set is about the small side. That being said, for your price, derive it. The color and material is great (got the dark grey fabric), the included ottoman with storage is AWESOME for pillows and throw blankets. If I had a bigger house and more money to pay, I would have gone with something more important, but for a budget purchase as well as a smallish space, this is worthwhile....Read More

October 15, 2019



October 15, 2019


Very all to easy to assembled - it only required about half an hour to complete by myself. It looks really nice as well as the material is incredibly soft. The cushions are a little smaller than I expected, nonetheless it works for our small apartment. The only con is that it doesn’t seem like probably the most sturdy piece of furniture (as in I don’t expect it to last forever), nonetheless it’s perfect for the reduced price....Read More  read more 

October 15, 2019


Easy to create by a single person! Fits the space perfectly and it is comfortable to sit down on!  read more 

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