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Product Description - Console Sofa Tables
- Rashad Console Table and Mirror Set By Brayden Studio

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Rashad Console Table and Mirror Set By¬†Brayden Studio 

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June 18, 2019


Good price but harder than hell. Plus the delivery team is absolutely awful. Been a month since my order but still just have 23 of the couch

June 18, 2019


The colour is awesome and fits in house perfectly

June 18, 2019


Good quality for the price. Could be more comfortable though- there is not much padding around the seat.  read more 

June 18, 2019


Works. Smaller than I anticipated and had no idea it might be simple together job. I hope it'll last no less than a couple of years.  read more 

June 18, 2019


The couch came in one big box, which fit through my apartment doors. Assembly was super easy. The parts virtually snapped into place. The fabric is absolutely soft and thus far may be an easy task to clean. Will likely to end up obtaining the other pieces inside set in the future....Read More  read more 

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