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South Tangerang Console Table By¬†Wrought Studio 

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The bestSouth Tangerang Console Table By Wrought Studio



September 21, 2019


This looks beautiful within my front room and was simple to assemble. I would definitely recommend this sectional.

September 21, 2019


I bought this for my son, and the man loved it.

September 21, 2019


Good quality for your price. Could be more comfortable though- there isn't much padding around the seat.  read more 

September 21, 2019


a nice sofa and straightforward to put together. it's small , as well as not very deep but for the money it's entirely servicable. my cats like it!  read more 

September 21, 2019


Good quality for your price. Could be more comfortable though- there isn't much padding around the seat.  read more 


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