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Where to buy good quality Console Sofa Tables

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Oakridge Console Table By¬†Bloomsbury Market 

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November 22, 2019


I love my new sofa. It is exactly what I wanted. The size is perfect as well as the price was unbeatable for my needs. It looks just like the photo. I really wanted a chaise and the storage ottoman was a bonus! If I had a complaint, it will be how the cushions you lay on are firm, but I would prefer to have them firm than all smushy....Read More

November 22, 2019


Perfect size for my apartment, love the material

November 22, 2019


It looks very nice and was simple to assemble.  read more 

November 22, 2019


Good quality for the price. Could be more comfortable though- there isn't much padding around the seat.  read more 

November 22, 2019


I love it. Nice and firm although not hard. Perfect for sitting  read more 


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