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Catalpa Console Table By┬áDarby Home Co 

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December 08, 2019


Loved it, perfect for the room we needed it for. The color was nice and the product quality is great. Easy to keep clean which is a bonus.

December 08, 2019


My Initial thought was, "wow this looks alot smaller than it did online." It does goes well with my accent wall. I'm type of becoming familiar with it after looking at it for a while now. It's very firm. The material looks exactly like blue jeans. I wanted the ocean blue nonetheless they were soldout so I settled with this instead. I ordered the sofa on 11/6/18. The shipping time frame initially said it will probably be delivered by the 19th. A day or two later, I got an e-mail saying th

December 08, 2019


Its so comfortable  read more 

December 08, 2019


There was so many mixed reviews but I can advise you that I adore it. Soft short velvet like material, firm but comfortable! Just the way I like it.  read more 

December 08, 2019


It's comfy, no dog hair, the sizing was perfect!  read more 


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