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Melange Giles Console Table By¬†Hooker Furniture 

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Melange Giles Console Table By Hooker Furniture Reviews 2019



October 18, 2019


Beautiful couch! We have a narrow L shaped living room therefore it fit perfectly! It is firm but not too firm ) more of a denim grey color. I think about six people would fit on there max. And it is perfect height in case you have somewhat almost toddler like us!...Read More

October 18, 2019


Although its a little stiff, I love it!

October 18, 2019


Easy assembly and looks great during my living room! Exactly like the description.  read more 

October 18, 2019


I like the idea that it comes apart for simple move.  read more 

October 18, 2019


This couch is so comfy at this type of bargain!  read more 

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