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Aston Console Table By┬áRed Barrel Studio 

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December 13, 2019


I ordered this sectional throughout the Thanksgiving holiday at great price. I knew exactly what to expect in terms of shipping went, so I waited the allotted time, which was about 4.5 weeks. No big problem. While I feel like it could have been delivered sooner, this review isn't about the shipping. The sectional is utterly stunning! I'm 5'9 and also the pillows attached, you are looking at my neck, which can be more than sufficient enough. I like my furniture comfortable, yet firm which f

December 13, 2019


It's a pleasant looking sectional for your price. Very firm seating. Probably best for a place where you won't use it much. The seat inside corner sunk in after having a month of moderate use.

December 13, 2019


Awesome sofa. Super quick shipping.  read more 

December 13, 2019


It looks marvelous!!  read more 

December 13, 2019


Comfy and also the right size  read more 


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