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Melange Everett Console Table By¬†Hooker Furniture 

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September 16, 2019


I love this couch! It’s the right size sectional for my small lounge.. my entire family of 5 lay on it comfortably before the TV.. I’ve been with them for a little less than a month so I’m anxious to view the way it stands up after a year!! I do recommend it for small family area spaces however, you still need to feel of a nice sectional...Read More

September 16, 2019


The way it ended up finally we loved it ..‚Ě£ÔłŹ

September 16, 2019


Not an excellent quality. No clue about how precisely long it takes but decent for now. Been 30 days of use  read more 

September 16, 2019


Amazing service and incredibly solid quality.  read more 

September 16, 2019


Amazing size and comfy  read more 


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