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Evelyn Demilune Console Table By┬áDarby Home Co 

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Best Evelyn Demilune Console Table By Darby Home Co for 2019



June 18, 2019


I bought this for my granddaughter and she loves it. Everything about this is excellent. It's comfortable, spacious, and appears fantastic. Thumbs up

June 18, 2019


Excellent purchase, comfortable, cozy, can easily fit in any part of the house since it is so versatile.

June 18, 2019


It is nearly impossible to locate a black couch, and I required to for my interior planning. I truly loathe the beige/grey/babyblue limitation on fabric I see, and white will be DESTROYED. I needed one with narrow arms to suit in a small room rather than occupy unused space. I also needed an overall price with a grand and cannot afford the majority of things for sale. I am relieved to find this item. The fabric is soft microsuede, cheap yet soft and handsome in a room, and will not wear a read more 

June 18, 2019


The couch arrived one big box, which fit through my apartment doors. Assembly was quite simple. The parts virtually snapped into place. The fabric is actually soft therefore far continues to be simple to clean. Will likely to end up obtaining the other pieces inside set inside future.  read more 

June 18, 2019


It was delivered if this was expected. It wasnt hard to carry and set together. Great quality for that price.  read more 

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