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Product Description - Console Sofa Tables
- Console Table With Mirrored Panels By Cole & Grey

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Console Table With Mirrored Panels By¬†Cole & Grey 

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October 20, 2019


Very beautiful set....shipping is definitely slow.

October 20, 2019


I love large, style, and fits my living room perfectly. It is a bit firm that's perfectly for my back. I love it was easy to assemble and will also be easy to move if I decide to move apartments again each year....Read More

October 20, 2019


perfect size! we are 5 ft and of course i still room by the end when laying onto it.  read more 

October 20, 2019


Its significantly less deep as wed like, but it is a good sofa for the investment.  read more 

October 20, 2019


Nice little sofa. Great for a rental, because it won't use up an excessive amount of room.  read more 


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