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Alloway Console Table By¬†Foundry Select 

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December 13, 2019


This sectional sofa is the better! It is firm but we like it! The ottaman is fantastic that will put blankets or whatever stuffs we can put. Affordable sofa. The shipping took awhile coz of freight but hey free delivery plus inside delivery! You cant beat that! Wayfair customer satisfaction is awesome! They will help and soon you are satisfied with the product. Overall we're delighted while using sofa!...Read More

December 13, 2019


Perfect for your upstairs den. We have movie night frequently and needed something more comfy and also this was the ideal choice! The delivery guys were awesome!

December 13, 2019


Good quality for your price. Could be more comfortable though- there's not much padding for the seat.  read more 

December 13, 2019


I adore you durable and straightforward it can be to put together  read more 

December 13, 2019


Great sofa. I am so lucky the UPS man hauled this huge box up 64 stairs (3 flights of stairs). I waited for him throughout the day. He reduced the problem shove it inside apartment. From then on I was alone....but I been able to build it myself with no help. I love the texture. I just wish there was a matching ottoman!!...Read More  read more 


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