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Siena Console Table By¬†Eastern Legends 

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June 16, 2019


Comes in 3 large boxes- very simple to build. Its light since there is barely anything here...I will be shocked if this lasts half a year. The "box" with the sectional is paper thin plywood and I thought I was likely to break it when I picked it down. If you are looking for comfort, SKIP THIS. It's EXTREMELY stiff! The sofa itself is very short- I am 5'4", and also the back hits mid thigh on me. As another reviewer noted, its not very deep. It seems this sectional would be ideal for a kids

June 16, 2019


Really like this couch. Seems pretty sturdily built. Wish the cushions were a bit deeper and softer but otherwise excellent.

June 16, 2019


Love it  read more 

June 16, 2019


Very Classy Looking!  read more 

June 16, 2019


Very comfortable!! Love it .easy installation  read more 


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