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Ikon Console Table By¬†Sunpan Modern 

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July 20, 2019


I ordered this couch and was obviously a little nervous if we do in the reviews but I love the couch! It is firm which I wanted though the back cushions are soft so it will be the right contrast! The couch does seem like dark and light-weight grey tweed perse but I didn't see any blue. I have attached some pics! Hope this review help. Great couch and deal for that price with the ottomon. The Ottomon also opens having a spring therefore the lid does not fully come off!...Read More

July 20, 2019


Its perfect like is showing in pic Perfect with an apartment

July 20, 2019


Very comfortable!  read more 

July 20, 2019


it quite difficult nonetheless it will do  read more 

July 20, 2019


Even with all the sofa being beginning from it turned out, I am very disappointed at how uncomfortable it can be! When the package arrived, there are holes inside the corners from the box. I had to carefully unpackage, not understanding whether if there have been broken pieces, or if anything would fly at me! Assembling was no hassle, and the best thing about the acquisition. Other than that, I will be returning and do want my money back!...Read More  read more 


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