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- Chaisson Rectangular Console Table By 17 Stories


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Chaisson Rectangular Console Table By¬†17 Stories 

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July 16, 2019


Loved the color and easy assembly.

July 16, 2019



July 16, 2019


Perfect fit for us !!  read more 

July 16, 2019


I normally dont review items, but felt this was receiving bad reviews based on people having unrealistic expectations. This couch in the snap together couch not just a 1000 obtain a local store. As for the firmness from the couch it can be firm, yet comfortable. It does not have typical cushions but a spring structure built to seem like normal couch cushions about 2 inch padding over them. Of you are seeking a couch that isnt used daily or are saved to a low cost this couch is extr read more 

July 16, 2019


The sofa is amazing colour that I wanted size that I needed for a small apartment good price love you wayfair  read more 


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