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Grandview Console Table By¬†Fairfield Chair 

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Calculating Flooring Materials

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Tools you will need

¬ēPry Bar

¬ēCarpenter's level

¬ēLarge putty knife

¬ēFloor scraper

¬ēBelt Sander

¬ēJamb Saw

¬ēMiter saw

¬ēCircular Saw or Table Saw

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Customer reviews: Grandview Console Table By Fairfield Chair



November 11, 2019


The couch is amazing. it's firm but comfortable. Also it's an incredibly nice size. Nothing was damaged or torn. My family looooooves the couch!

November 11, 2019


The grey looks, directly, as beautiful mainly because it looks online. The create was extremely easy (literally involved 7 minutes to put it all together on my own). I love how firm yet comfy the cushions are. The throw pillows accent my family area decor perfectly, as everything is shades of grey and brown. The ottoman storage is perfect; I have two whole comforters and a pillow in it. I hope this design continues to be available whenever I'm willing to buy another couch/sectional....Re

November 11, 2019


I find it irresistible. Nice and firm and not hard. Perfect for sitting  read more 

November 11, 2019


Couch arm something looks like it's broke from it. Didn‚Äôt. Notice till about 72 hours after I reached it. It makes a weird clicking noise when you rely on arm of couch. Material is good .  read more 

November 11, 2019


Great purchase, very convenient to create. Great for a tiny space.  read more 


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