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Parker Transitional Console Table By¬†Winston Porter 

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Customer reviews: Parker Transitional Console Table By Winston Porter



October 19, 2019


not very comfortable, significantly less cushiony as I would've liked. it turned out additionally a lot small compared to I had thought. I guess I should have really looked at the dimensions, I no person to blame but myself! installation was simple, just came in 3 big pieces (one of them was the ottoman, so really just 2 big pieces to build) other than that, it's all regulated good! I just really wish it had been bigger!...Read More

October 19, 2019


Shipping time was one month basically. And the measurements online do NOT match as to what was delivered.

October 19, 2019


The sofa is a useful one what much like the picture. Only thing was the delivery date would be a little misleading so I didn‚Äôt receive it when I expectedwhen it had been said to arrive. The dates given are for the √≠tem(s) to get to the local delivery service not for you to receive it....Read More  read more 

October 19, 2019


Very soft, definitely on the firm end in relation to a couch but very comfortable to lounge and appearance great during my family room! I was a little skeptical when purchasing a couch online but this place definitely washed away all of those worries. For the price it‚Äôs definitely worth it....Read More  read more 

October 19, 2019


Hard, and defective  read more 

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