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Lovely Exquisite Console Table By¬†Cole & Grey 

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Perfect Lovely Exquisite Console Table By Cole & Grey with Outdoor



June 25, 2019


DON'T BUY!!! So this may be sat on with a young couple, my husband and I, for a few months, which is tearing at the seems. Wayfair refunded 50% since we missed of the question to send back. Couches should last years right? This one will likely be lucky making it half a year....Read More

June 25, 2019


Excellent purchase, comfortable, cozy, can easily fit into any part of the house because it's so versatile.

June 25, 2019


Not as comfortable in comparison to others  read more 

June 25, 2019


Its tiny size and I cannot even turn my body.  read more 

June 25, 2019


Couch is smaller then I expected but overall its good  read more 


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