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Product Description - Console Sofa Tables
- 3 Piece Console Table Set By Upscale Designs by EMA


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3 Piece Console Table Set By¬†Upscale Designs by EMA 

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The best3 Piece Console Table Set By Upscale Designs by EMA



September 21, 2019


Loved our purchase. Only issue was large gash from shipping but also in the entire process of solving that :-D

September 21, 2019


Absolutely love this sectional and pleased with the way they package there furniture.

September 21, 2019


It looks a little fancier inside picture. I like the couch, but I definitely might have went with an alternative style. It‚Äôs actually a lot smaller in person  read more 

September 21, 2019


Love it  read more 

September 21, 2019


I know that this was an inexpensive piece of furniture but once come up with it seems rickety. Nice system to gather though no tools.  read more 


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