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Product Description - Console Sofa Tables
- 3 Piece Console Table Set By Upscale Designs by EMA


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3 Piece Console Table Set By¬†Upscale Designs by EMA 

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July 21, 2019


Love this sectional. So much so that I am investigating buying a different one but the other facing so I can create a pit station in my living room.

July 21, 2019


Still, but nice. Good buy to the price.

July 21, 2019


AMAZING!! This couch is designed for a little space, it‚Äôs more of the light brown, easy assembly with two people took about 20 mins but I‚Äôm sure you‚Äôll even be able to perform it on your own, feels super sturdy as well as the cushions are firm but soft and comfortable. Sooo happy with this purchase, for under 300 you can‚Äôt go wrong with this...Read More  read more 

July 21, 2019


Very comfortable and plush. The deliver was before expected by a few days.  read more 

July 21, 2019


Perfect to the price  read more 


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