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Product Description - Console Sofa Tables
- Hubbard Contemporary Console Table By Ebern Designs

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Hubbard Contemporary Console Table By¬†Ebern Designs 

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June 24, 2019


We adore it! Firm and comfy.

June 24, 2019


Comfortable for three adult-sized visitors to sit and relax/stretch out. Easy to assemble.

June 24, 2019


It‚Äôs really tiny - yes I read the scale plus they aren‚Äôt off by much. It doesn‚Äôt feel totally sturdy and constitutes a great deal of noise with normal sitting and leaving from the furniture. It‚Äôs not deep enough to snuggle with anyone or thing aside from yourself- pillows are far too big, toddlers and babies are far too 4yr old us comfortable about it and feels like it turned out made for him. I like the soft fabric and color is fine though it is not a true black a lot more  read more 

June 24, 2019


very nice !  read more 

June 24, 2019


Box was torn to hell which scared me, but contents inside were undamaged. Absolutely no instructions concerning how to assemble it are included but it's really quite simple. Had it together on my own within quarter-hour. Super comfortable plus a perfect size. I have a feeling it‚Äôs planning to degrade really quickly. But it‚Äôs a shorter term solution for me so can‚Äôt beat it to the price. Really pleased with the overall purchase....Read More  read more 


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