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Greenberry Console Table By┬áHouse of Hampton 

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The bestGreenberry Console Table By House of Hampton



July 21, 2019


Came equally as advertised

July 21, 2019

VERIFIED BUYER will find there's spring watching out about 2inch about the middle cohesion rendering it really miserable to take a seat. And the seams are fraying on almost the whole couch.

July 21, 2019


The product arrived by the due date although I had to aid the driving force carry an item that was quite heavy up 3 flights of stairs. The sofa was easily assembled by anyone however a great deal small compared to I had anticipated along with the quality extremely poor. If it wasn't Such a hustle I would have returned an item. I can't see this product lasting more than twelve months....Read More  read more 

July 21, 2019


Great couch to the price!  read more 

July 21, 2019


Not even four weeks plus it appears like it's got had years price of traffic on it  read more 


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