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Kato Console Table By¬†17 Stories 

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June 26, 2019


This couch works well for your space. It is obviously firm-so if you want a plush couch, this is simply not the couch to suit your needs. So all to easy to clean pet hair from too!

June 26, 2019


Easy assembly, good color selection, and durable.

June 26, 2019


Omg comfortable!  read more 

June 26, 2019


Great sofa. I am so lucky the UPS man hauled this huge box up 64 stairs (3 flights of stairs). I waited for him for hours on end. He reduced the problem shove it inside apartment. From after that time I was by myself....but I was able to build it myself without any help. I love the texture. I just wish there is a matching ottoman!!...Read More  read more 

June 26, 2019


Perfect!  read more 


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