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Lucinda Console Table By¬†Willa Arlo Interiors 

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July 23, 2019


I ordered this sectional during the Thanksgiving holiday at great price. I knew exactly what to expect as far as shipping went, so I waited the allotted time, which was about 4.5 weeks. No big deal. While I feel like it could have been delivered sooner, this review isn't in regards to the shipping. The sectional is absolutely stunning! I'm 5'9 current pillows attached, it comes to my shoulder blades, that's more than sufficient enough. I like my furniture comfortable, yet firm and this will

July 23, 2019


The back cushions are very comfortable but the seat cushions are stiff, almost hard. I also had to hammer the metal pegs into place so the back rests would fit.

July 23, 2019


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July 23, 2019


The product arrived on time although I had to help the driver carry the item which was quite heavy up 3 flights of stairs. The sofa was easily assembled by a single person however a lot less space-consuming than I had anticipated and the quality extremely poor. If it wasn't Such a hustle I would have returned the item. I can't see this product lasting over 1 year....Read More  read more 

July 23, 2019


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