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Where to buy good quality Console Sofa Tables

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Lorimer Console Table By¬†Hooker Furniture 

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November 18, 2019


The couch came about weekly before expected, that was great. It's a nice couch for that price. It looks the same as the picture. It's a bit firm, nonetheless its comfortable. It looks great in the space I have, and it appears like it is going to serve you for a couple of years. Good buy for your money....Read More

November 18, 2019


Perfect size

November 18, 2019


great look, great support  read more 

November 18, 2019


It looks nice. This sofa Is very comfortable. The quality is not so competent but it‚Äôs acceptable for a basement level  read more 

November 18, 2019


I was very on edge about how ordering a couch would prove, however I am VERY satisfied and shocked in the quality and stylishness of the couch with the price I purchased it at. Mission Accomplished!!...Read More  read more 


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