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Killington Console Table By¬†Michael Amini 

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November 13, 2019



November 13, 2019


Update: it is often about per month as well as the back cushions where we most often sit aren't supporting. My plan is to add some stuffing or batting but it is somewhat disappointing to already need this. The seats, themselves, remain firm and providing strength to to our preschoolers occasionally jumping with them. We ordered this sectional in ocean blue. The seat cushions are firm, the back cushions, which adhere with velcro, are medium. My husband and I easily assembled the sectional

November 13, 2019


Very comfortable!  read more 

November 13, 2019


This couch was affordable, shipped very quickly the right diamond necklace for my small apartment need. Firm yet comfortable, and great look!  read more 

November 13, 2019


I think this excellent website can be a rip off. The couch I received said Lifestyle Solutions. When I ordered this couch it said Ibiza Sofa by ZipCode Designs. NO WHERE AT ALL DOES IT SAY LIFESTYLE SOLUTIONS. Yet around the couch there can be a tag the says LIFESTYLE SOLUTIONS and NO WHERE does it say IBIZA SOFA or ZIPCODE DESIGNS I also paid $280 for this the day after I ordered it was reduced. It also is apparently flimsy and cheap internet marketing a $280 couch....Read More  read more 


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