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Thad Console Table By¬†Bloomsbury Market 

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Customer reviews: Thad Console Table By Bloomsbury Market



November 12, 2019


Nice couch, very firm the way in which i favor it.

November 12, 2019


My Initial thought was, "wow this looks alot small compared to it did online." It does goes well with my accent wall. I'm form of getting used to it after looking at it for some time now. It's very firm. The material looks the same as blue jeans. I wanted the ocean blue nonetheless they were sold out so I settled with this instead. I ordered the sofa on 11/6/18. The shipping time period initially said it will likely be delivered through the 19th. A day or two later, I got a contact saying th

November 12, 2019


Very simple to assemble. Comfy. Gets the job done  read more 

November 12, 2019


perfect size! i'm 5 ft and lastly i still have room at the end when laying onto it.  read more 

November 12, 2019


Its rather easy to create, I like it allot  read more 

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