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Joyner Console Table By¬†Loon Peak 

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December 06, 2019


Its so soft and comfortable

December 06, 2019


Love this sofa! It fits perfectly in your lounge, and the color is fabulous. It started in 3 flat boxes and was super easy to collect. It is what I would expect for that price. I would totally buy it again. The delivery was simple and fast; they were out and in in ten minutes. It is very firm, however, so if you feel searching for a soft sofa, it's not the one. We like the firmness and expect which it might soften a little as time passes with use....Read More

December 06, 2019


It looks nice for the picture but it‚Äôs less space-consuming than i thought and think that kid furniture  read more 

December 06, 2019


Very comfortable!! Love it .easy installation  read more 

December 06, 2019


Needs to get softer an more comfortable  read more 


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