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Treiber Console Table By¬†Millwood Pines 

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November 17, 2019


The sofa can be better in the event the cushions were a little softer and if your entire thing was elevated somewhat higher above the ground. This is just not made for tall people at all. Great for kids.

November 17, 2019


Love large. The size might be a small compared to expected but overall to the price nice sectional. Had some trouble putting the trunk on the sectional. Some pieces didnt fit.

November 17, 2019


Easy to collect and appearance better. Shipping was fast too.  read more 

November 17, 2019


It's cute, velvet texture; warm! I did have damage but, I'm sure that's from being delivered. I'll take that with my insurance about it. Thank You  read more 

November 17, 2019


Love it  read more 


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