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Chaisson Rectangular Console Table By¬†17 Stories 

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July 21, 2019


A good addition to small (700 sq . ft .) urban home. A sectional isn't unthinkable in a small house! Fabric color wasn't exactly as pictured (it is more mottled & lightly striped grey/white), but should camouflage pet hair well, and repel stains. Fabric is smooth, not plush, do i think the simpler to clean. Cushions are incredibly "bouncy" and firm, but could be at ease with time. The cushions are velcro-ed towards the back in the sofa to get rid of active and uneven wear. Pros: Go

July 21, 2019


Fits perfectly, and I love large. A little stiff, but I as it.

July 21, 2019


Super soft!  read more 

July 21, 2019


A beautiful sofa , quick and easy to collect very soft and comfortable!!!  read more 

July 21, 2019


It looks awesome inside my small lounge. I am happy with my purchase, super easy to put together and was delivered on time. Will be getting a coffee table soon. Thanks WAYFAIR! Kya M. Humphries McKeesport Pa...Read More  read more 


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