Fredrickson 2 Piece Console Table Set By Latitude Run

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Fredrickson 2 Piece Console Table Set By¬†Latitude Run 

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July 20, 2019


not very comfortable, significantly less cushiony as I would've liked. it had been also a lot small compared to I had thought. I guess I should have really looked at the size, I no person responsible but myself! installation was simple, just were only available in 3 big pieces (one of them was the ottoman, so really just 2 big pieces to build) other than that, to make sure good! I just really wish it was bigger!...Read More

July 20, 2019


Beautiful sectional Great price and nice fitting in my small apartment

July 20, 2019


I love this couch! It is comfortable and intensely all to easy to come up with! It does take 2 people.  read more 

July 20, 2019


It‚Äôs really beautiful inside my home. Im very pleased with my purchase  read more 

July 20, 2019


So disappointed using this type of sofa ! Its super smaller than average super cheap ! its would fit a kids tree house, not really a family sofa..So dissatisfied with the return ( paid 540 Canadian and my return is going to be 450 ..lost 90 ..Very very disappointing...Read More  read more 


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