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Caitlin Clock Dial Console Table By¬†17 Stories 

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July 18, 2019


Comfy and simple to assemble

July 18, 2019


The style and lots of sitting space.

July 18, 2019


I won't ever order because of this website again. They said 'free delivery', but left a hundreds of dollar purchase outside my apartment complex for everyone to take. No one even called to notify me they were there so I could at the very least come outside to meet them....Read More  read more 

July 18, 2019


I purchased this couch for the office and yes it looks way better within the picture. It's not too sturdy, it's cheap plus it is super dark black, in the pictures it looks more grey. Fabric looks little as well and legs are plastic. It will be great for a college student which doesn't desire to spend lots of money to get a couch and don't need to ensure that is stays for the long time. It is quite simple to assembly - like lego pieces. I called wayfair and they setup a pick up date no c read more 

July 18, 2019


Exactly what I needed.  read more 

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