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Chadford Console Table By¬†Gracie Oaks 

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December 15, 2019


I love this sectional couch! The dark charcoal gray is the ideal color along with the size fit this room perfectly as we discussed within the pictures! My kids couldn’t wait to obtain this couch and that we assemble it very quickly! It is very comfy and functional! I love that this ottoman is sold with it for added leg room! I bought this for my kids PlayStation/toy room and they find it irresistible so much! It’s great when their friends come over simply because they all use a place

December 15, 2019


Good sofa

December 15, 2019


It‚Äôs really beautiful during my home. Im very pleased with my purchase  read more 

December 15, 2019


firm and solid piece of perfectly within the room who's was ordered for  read more 

December 15, 2019


I like it!  read more 


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