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Seavey Console Table By¬†Gracie Oaks 

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June 18, 2019


So all to easy to come up with! I wish the back of the couch was obviously a little taller. But it’s fine!! I can’t wait to get new pillows and earn it more beautiful .. going with white & pink to check my lamp

June 18, 2019


Love it! It was quick and simple to construct (less than 30 min) I was needing as much seating as is possible for my money this also was the best option personally. The seating is quite firm than everybody is probably used to but I prefer it doing this. The ottoman is wonderful for extra storage and further seating....Read More

June 18, 2019


really all to easy to come up with. solid design with contemporary style  read more 

June 18, 2019


Kind of tiny beneficial to small apartments or good starter couch!  read more 

June 18, 2019


I love it is affordable and super cute  read more 


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