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Niemann Stone Console Table By¬†Brayden Studio 

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Niemann Stone Console Table By Brayden Studio - 25 Reviews



July 17, 2019


Its a really sturdy chair. I wish it absolutely was a bit more soft but its nice and can seat a large party. that's I brought it. Pros: Can take lots of people. Very easy to assemble Cons: just a little hard.

July 17, 2019


Very firm. No share with cushions. Not very comfortable.

July 17, 2019


Small piece of furniture. Won‚Äôt stand the exam of energy.  read more 

July 17, 2019


Easy to construct, however you get that which you pay for.. It is very stiff seating.  read more 

July 17, 2019


Although it is best than having no couch, the correct answer is small, and it is hard. Further, the material is somewhat plush/velvetty and so, attracts hair.  read more 


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