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Betty Half-Circle Console Table By¬†Astoria Grand 

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May 22, 2019


The sectional was great! It was everything I expected plus much more. I wasn't quite sure how Walnut would view in person however it turned into awesome! Easy to come up with nevertheless it does require no less than a couple. The couch is comfy yet sturdy along with the ottoman fits about 4 blankets. I love this couch and would recommend this to anyone searching for a good size sectional....Read More

May 22, 2019


Very comfortable great quality to the price I paid

May 22, 2019


Its Amazing look is stylish  read more 

May 22, 2019


The grovesare warped which prevents the back of the sofa to securely fit. I don‚Äôt feel as much as the aggravation of rebooting and returning. Just a complete waste of money  read more 

May 22, 2019


It‚Äôs perfect and comfortable as well as simple to place together  read more 


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