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Hammonds Console Table By¬†Alcott Hill 

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October 17, 2019


I think furniture is a definitely a "you get what you pay for" item category, so I was somewhat leary getting a sofa I never sat on or saw personally for a real affordable. But considering the fact that this couch is the exact shape I wanted and intensely near the exact size I thought I'd give it a shot. My ottoman came with damage across the hinges. I figured it was easily fixable and not really worth trying to secure a replacement over something relatively minor. I took the bar tha

October 17, 2019


Its perfect like is showing in pic Perfect for an apartment

October 17, 2019


so nice and cozy for my new home  read more 

October 17, 2019


Comfy  read more 

October 17, 2019


Good product  read more 


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