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Jansen Console Table By¬†Alcott Hill 

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November 18, 2019


For the retail price...this is the excellent sectional for any small apartment. The pillows are fairly comfortable. and it looks really nice. and value compared to huge expensive ones. Also it is super easy to maneuver. Assembly involved lower than 30min....Read More

November 18, 2019


Pretty delighted by this couch. Unlike some reviews, it arrived from the time period indicated and with no damages. The delivery guys brought it up to my apartment without me even having to ask. The back and sides in the couch attach via metal discs that slip into slots on the bottom which makes the couch difficult to maneuver as they're at risk of turn out when pulled on. Other than that I'm loving it....Read More

November 18, 2019


It 's what it says  read more 

November 18, 2019


Perfect in every single way  read more 

November 18, 2019


It‚Äôs very comfy and was all to easy to put together  read more 


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