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Belmont  Console Table By¬†Fairfield Chair 

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December 16, 2019


Very comfy pillows as well as a good size for the sectional.

December 16, 2019


Very uncomfortable, sectional support broke in a couple months.

December 16, 2019


It's a great couch I was capable to assemble it without any help within half an hour. When sitting on it the seat cushions they're not as comfotable as I expected. It actually reminds me of a futon bed. The back rest cushions are comfortable though. I love the design of the couch and it is ideal for my size apartment but when I had tested your couch in the furniture store I probably would have offered it as a result of comfort level....Read More  read more 

December 16, 2019


smaller than picture and intensely uncomfortable.  read more 

December 16, 2019


Very comfortable!! Love it .easy installation  read more 


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