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Westover Rectangular Console Table By¬†Orren Ellis 

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July 17, 2019


I wish we may have picked some other couch. It is definitely not gray, it's blue and appearance like denim. It's not comfortable in any respect. I'm only 5 ft tall and I can't even rest my directly the back because the rear is really low, along with the cushions are very hard. Just after we purchased this, I saw the purchase price occurred almost $100, but has not been offered a refund to the difference. If we did not have to buy return shipping, this couch would be going back....Read More

July 17, 2019


Perfect size

July 17, 2019


Comfortable  read more 

July 17, 2019


Received quick and simple that will put together  read more 

July 17, 2019


so nice and cozy for my new home  read more 


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