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Joyner Console Table By¬†Union Rustic 

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May 20, 2019


I love this couch and ottoman. Fast and efficient delivery. Very pleasant delivery person.

May 20, 2019


Very firm

May 20, 2019


lightweight  read more 

May 20, 2019


The Sofa is made for a tiny size apartment. Very easy to put together, I am a female and I build it in less than 30 mins. Its firm It‚Äôs not soft enough to even sleep on and it is lowshort. Only downfall may be the Fed Ex guy failed to deliver it to my 3rd Floor Apartment. He literally left it before the house. I had to drag it down in depth around my apartment its heavy! Other than that its a good looking sofa for specifically for the price....Read More  read more 

May 20, 2019


Easy to build therefore comfortable  read more 

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