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Gasaway Wooden Console Table By¬†Red Barrel Studio 

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Gasaway Wooden Console Table By Red Barrel Studio - 25 Reviews



June 17, 2019


The perfect furniture for that space I bought it for. The construction is different than typical couches I've been on yesteryear, yet it's comfortable and appears to get durable thus far. I would recommend it.

June 17, 2019



June 17, 2019


This may be the kind of couch you would like in a very waiting room that you don‚Äôt want people waiting. Adequate for young kids who don‚Äôt join furniture and cats who don‚Äôt scratch.  read more 

June 17, 2019


Small enough to suit comfortably inside my small apartment but large enough to lounge on. Comfortable cushions, especially around the back- wish that they used those to the seat cushions too! The velvety black can be so pretty, it's soft plus it feels nice to touch. I will be pleased with this sofa not less than quite a while, til I'm prepared to upgrade to something bigger. Exactly what I wanted and exactly what I expected :)...Read More  read more 

June 17, 2019


Its simple to fix and incredibly to light to maneuver around  read more 


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