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Curtise Console Table By Noir 

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December 07, 2019


Beautiful couch! And was quite simple to put together! Pretty much just were required to attach bars to keep 2 main pieces together. No tools required. Took me 15 to 20 minutes tops.

December 07, 2019


We love this couch! It is so comfy, we have got it in the dark gray bc our toddler can be a rascal and we have dogs. It’s all to easy to clean, big enough to get guests but not too ridiculous for a small family of 3-5. The ottoman doesn’t have much storage space so don’t count on it in case you require a lot of space. We use it for our horde of baby wipes and diapers....Read More

December 07, 2019


Comfortable and straightforward to put together. Firm cushions if you'd prefer that sort of thing.  read more 

December 07, 2019


Nice couch for your price  read more 

December 07, 2019


I love this couch  read more 

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