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Lexie Console Table By¬†August Grove 

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The bestLexie Console Table By August Grove



July 18, 2019


Great sofa for that price, adore it!

July 18, 2019


We like it, Was nervous from the other review but this is what we had arrived seeking as you can see during my picture it really is great color and size.

July 18, 2019


Wasn‚Äôt truly the sort of black I thought it would be, if you do have a pet that sheds a good deal I wouldn‚Äôt recommend this couch. As far as quality, it‚Äôs fine for the cost I paid.  read more 

July 18, 2019


Nice style very comfortable great price  read more 

July 18, 2019


Not as comfortable when compared with others  read more 

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