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Cho Transitional Console Table By¬†Charlton Home 

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August 17, 2019


Don't buy this it's hard like a bench and over priced

August 17, 2019


Love it, however it stains easily

August 17, 2019


Great couch for a very first time apartment. It was very easy to construct. Another person is necessary, but when you probably know how to finesse like I do, you can use other parts of the couch to carry up another to enable you to place the pieces together. No screwdriver needed. Please be careful though. I was looking for the couch that's firm yet soft. I didn't need a couch that was too soft, because I didn't wish it to sink after a while. It is the perfect combination of soft and firm. read more 

August 17, 2019


Everything  read more 

August 17, 2019


I love it. Nice and firm although not hard. Perfect for sitting  read more 


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