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Roxanne Wood Console Table By¬†Gracie Oaks 

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October 17, 2019


Too firm, been there for two weeks and it is already seat cushion is tearing. Built poorly and backing doesn't complement straight. NEVER BUY FROM HERE - BELIEVE ALL THE BAD REVIEWS. PS - in the event you tried returning it, you'll only get about 50 % of products you paid. Save your money!...Read More

October 17, 2019


Broke after ninety days and intensely small. Cheaply made with cushions that aren’t able to be moved. Want a refund

October 17, 2019


For many reasons I recently landed in a apt. with narrow entrances. I spent weeks looking for a $900-ish sofa upgrade that will cope with the threshold last but not least ordered this sofa. It arrived yesterday, the lamp be conveniently carrried through the threshold, I assemble it in 15 minutes without having tools, and also the look, feel and quality far exceeded my expectations. After getting positive feedback from friends that tested improved level, I ordered another matching sofa fif read more 

October 17, 2019


Just might know about needed a good comfy couch, that was very easy to construct. Thank You  read more 

October 17, 2019


The couch is often a nice size but it‚Äôs thin as well as the seat you can tell the cushion dons out quickly. It looks better inside the picture  read more 


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