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Galewood Console Table By¬†Breakwater Bay 

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May 22, 2019


Love it!

May 22, 2019


Very comfortable

May 22, 2019


Very easy to build - it only involved about 30 minutes to complete on my own. It looks great and the material is very soft. The cushions can be a little small compared to I expected, but it works well with our small apartment. The only con is that it doesn‚Äôt feel as if essentially the most sturdy piece of furniture (as with I don‚Äôt expect it to last forever), however it‚Äôs just the thing for the lower price....Read More  read more 

May 22, 2019


Love the color, the fashion everything  read more 

May 22, 2019


I was very on edge about how ordering a couch would end up, however I am VERY satisfied and shocked on the quality and stylishness of this couch thinking about the price I purchased it at. Mission Accomplished!!...Read More  read more 

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