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Mcgowan Wooden Console Table By¬†Ebern Designs 

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October 22, 2019


Comfy and enough room for the whole family! Love how the ottoman is storage.

October 22, 2019


Great sofa for the price. It is very firm which is what I am searching for. Bought blue jeans and it’s awesome color. I really like it... be interested in how the firm and quality will continue to be.. as new it's looking really great...Read More

October 22, 2019


Omg I love my couch it look just like the picture and it‚Äôs very comfortable  read more 

October 22, 2019


Easy to assemble. Very comfortable.  read more 

October 22, 2019


Nice couch for the price. Love the suede material. Took me one hour to construct on my own but I‚Äôm negative with directions.  read more 


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