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Piedmont Console Table By¬†Evergreen Enterprises, Inc 

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October 17, 2019


Love along with! Super easy to build! Delivery in to the house was super quick! Perfect size!

October 17, 2019


I similar to this sofa they may be look good

October 17, 2019


Wow! It took me a couple of days and digging through reviews on wayfair to acquire a couch. We wanted something small but comfortable for the basement space and price was important. Originally I wanted a futon as well that can turned into a bed but I am soooo happy that people opted for this couch. The price was perfect & the couch is beautiful & comfortable!! It fits so well in our space! It‚Äôs a good size and may comfortably fit 3 people maybe 4. It‚Äôs sturdy and thus easy to a read more 

October 17, 2019


confort  read more 

October 17, 2019


Fabric is great also quality is great  read more 


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