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Where can i buy cheap Gigi Console Table By Sharelle Furnishings

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Gigi Console Table By¬†Sharelle Furnishings 

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The bestGigi Console Table By Sharelle Furnishings



October 19, 2019


Very nice couch. Im not fond of large as being a little metallic other then that great buy

October 19, 2019


Very nice sectional. Very pleased with delivery and assembly was easy. Only minor complaint is the cushions have become firm.

October 19, 2019


Like along with , fits any decorate throw pillows and simple to assemble involved 30mins. Seating cushion area wish It a little my width. Over all it'll do.  read more 

October 19, 2019


Love it plus it go with my apartment perfect.  read more 

October 19, 2019


Very sturdy and firm. I ordered this sofa being a Xmas gift for my sister.  read more 


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