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Dally Manor House Console Table By¬†Astoria Grand 

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October 16, 2019


Ordered on Nov 30th and didn't receive until Jan 10th. Definitely a great couch visually and is also very firm and simple to construct but nothing lines up. Glad it had been on sale. I wouldn't pay what the current prices are. Delivery guys were great....Read More

October 16, 2019


It's a great looking sectional for your price. Very firm seating. Probably perfect for an area in which you won't use it much. The seat in the corner sunk in following a month of moderate use.

October 16, 2019


Better than I thought ! Looks great in your space...‚Ķ.  read more 

October 16, 2019


Love it and yes it match my apartment perfect.  read more 

October 16, 2019


For the retail price, an excellent couch...puts together easily, looks nice.  read more 


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