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Bybee Console Table By¬†Union Rustic 

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October 16, 2019


I really like this couch! It’s the perfect size sectional for my small family area.. my entire group of 5 sit on it comfortably before the TV.. I’ve been there to get a little just one month so I’m anxious to see the way it supports after a year!! I do recommend it for small living room spaces but you still desire to feel of an nice sectional...Read More

October 16, 2019


Its perfect.

October 16, 2019


The fabric is quite soft.  read more 

October 16, 2019


I purchased this couch toward the conclusion of last summer and have been waiting to publish an assessment until I knew how it delayed. In general, I love it. It's the perfect size for smaller spaces, this really is comfortable, referring apart really easily for transportation, and also the cushions have held their shape really well. However, around three months after I got it and minimal use, all of these little threads started popping out of the arms and the back cushions. I tried pullin read more 

October 16, 2019


Nice little sofa. Great for a flat, because it will not use up too much room.  read more 


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